Socomec Control and Power Solutions

Managing power and protecting personnel and assets    

    As a leading manufacturer of switching and changeover products, Socomec also offers solutions for fuse and electronic protection and insulation control.

    Take advantage of a leading manufacturer's expertise for :

  • secured high quality energy continuity,
  • protection of personnel and assets
  • optimal electrical networks

    We offer standard or tailor-made solutions and specialized services that are adapted to all your applications.

Switching and securing electrical installations    

    Switching systems comprise devices that are essential for electrical installations.

    Installed at all levels of the distribution circuit, their function is to secure and isolate parts of the network or electrical equipment.

    Our solutions are ideal for many sorts of applications, from electrical distribution in industry or the services sector through to the production of PV power

    Today, our range is one of the widest available on the market: from 16 to 5000A, visible breaking, manual, motorized or with tripping function, open-mounted or in enclosures, and fully compliant to international standards such as IEC, UL or CCC.

Power supply continuity and electrical distribution    

    Whether for industry, the health sector, services or IT, the availability of electrical energy is a critical factor. As specialists in mains supply changeover, Socomec offers a complete and innovative range of manual, motorized / remote (RTSE) or automatic (ATSE) changeover applications as well as more complete solutions such as our ATS bypass.

    Available is either modular or industrial versions, from 25 to 3200A, these mains changeover devices are perfectly adapted for power transfer between two circuits or between a network and a gen-set.

    For optimized continuity and service life of your installation, the DIRIS A80 provides insulation monitoring and control for carrying out preventive maintenance operations.

Protection of installations, equipment and persons    

    The consequences of electrical failure can be serious and impact negatively on companies, whatever the sector. For this reason, Socomec solutions protect persons and equipment in all types of neutral system networks: IT, TT, TN.

    We are on hand for help and guidance in choosing the right solutions for your requirements in terms of differential protection, protection against overcurrents or overvoltages as well as insulation monitoring.

    What's more, we have a very wide choice of fuse-based protection solutions, a reliable and time-tested technology that offers undeniable advantages over circuit breakers in many operating conditions.

Safety and reliability for your switching applications    

    Providing an unrivalled benchmark in source switching, SOCOMEC is continuously innovating to ensure ever more effi cient ways to guarantee the continuity of distribution and, therefore, the rate of availability of your energy.

    From the ‘small’ COMO C manual transfer switches to the ATyS p automatic transfer switches, the range of switches covers, as standard, a large proportion of needs.

Products for all switching applications from 25 A to 6300 A    

    SOCOMEC transfer switches can be used not just for Normal/Backup operation, but also for managing the switching of loads or the connection of equipment to earth.

Manual transfer switches range

PictureProduct NameExplanation
COMO C COMO C Multipolar transfer switches from 25 to 100A
SIRCO M SIRCO M Modular transfer switches with positive break indication from 25 to 125A
SIRCO VM1 SIRCO VM1 Modular transfer switches with visible breaking from 63 to 125A
SIRCOVER SIRCOVER Multipolar transfer switches from 125 to 3200A
SIRCOVER ATS Bypass SIRCOVER ATS Bypass Multipolar transfer switches with positive break indication from 125 to 1600A
SIRCOVER PV SIRCOVER PV Multipolar transfer switches for photovoltaic applications from 200 to 630A

Motorised transfer switches range

PictureProduct NameExplanation
ATyS M ATyS M Remote Transfer Switch modular from 40 to 160A
ATyS S / ATyS d S ATyS S
ATyS d S
Remote Transfer Switch from 40 to 125A
ATyS r / ATyS d ATyS r
ATyS d
Remote Transfer Switch from 125 to 3200A
ATyS d H ATyS d H Remote Transfer Switch from 4000 to 6300A

Automatic transfer switches range

PictureProduct NameExplanation
ATyS M ATyS M Automatic controller modular from 40 to 160A
ATyS t ATyS t Automatic controller to manage transformer / transformer applications from 125 to 3200A
ATyS g ATyS g Automatic controller to manage transformer / genset applications from 125 to 3200A
ATyS p ATyS p Automatic controller with functions for energy management and communications options from 125 to 3200A

New Products

PictureProduct NameExplanation
ATyS M ATyS M - Modular Transfer Switching Equipment from 40 to 160 A

    Socomec transfer switching equipment helps you to secure your power supply by safely transferring from an unstable or lost normal source to an alternate supply. Their fast transfer guarantees a reduced blackout time together with its associated costs. The integration of power switching and controls in one unique product allows combining high performance with ease of installation. Discover the complete range of transfer switches, from 40 to 160A.

MODULYS GP - Green Power 2.0 series MODULYS GP - Green Power 2.0 series - Keep up with unpredictable evolutions in your IT infrastructure

MODULYS GP is the innovative new generation of modular UPS meeting the demand of IT infrastructures for maximizing the availability, keeping costs down and meeting any future unpredictable demand. Designed and manufactured in Europe, MODULYS GP ensures absolute business continuity and provides flexibility to the IT infrastructure to match short-term capacity and long-term growth requirements along with a cost-effective and fast deployment.

The world is speeding up, get onboard with Socomec

The DIRIS Digiware system is a hub of technological innovations that revolutionises the world of measurement, bringing a high degree of flexibility to installations and making connection and configuration easy. These innovations, together with unrivaled performance in terms of accuracy and functionality, make DIRIS Digiware the most effective solution for metering consumption and monitoring the quality of electrical energy.

DIRIS BCMS 720 DIRIS BCMS 720 - Robust and compact device for monitoring up to 72 single-phase branch circuits

Facilitate the management of your data center through precise monitoring of electricity consumption levels. This compact unit can be easily integrated into all PDU or RPP type end of line switchboards and therefore located within close proximity of the servers. It can be easily adapted to new or existing installations, and interfaced with your supervision system.

ATyS ATyS family : A totaly safe transfer, whatever the application

Thanks to their on-load switching capacity, coupled with their two operating modes (Auto and Manual), the ATyS are simple to use and 100 % secure. Five product versions are available, ensuring a solution suited to your application. Discover the complete range of changeover switches, from 125 to 3200 A.

ATYS S ATYS S - A fully integrated cost effective solution to isolate and switch between a main and an alternative power Supply

Safe, competitive and user friendly, discover our new Remote Transfer Switching Equipment : ATyS S Engineered by “Power Control & Safety” specialists, the ATyS S provides clear technical benefits and differentiation for Genset Standby Power Applications with loads of up to 125 A (< 90 kVA / 415 Vac).

ITYS ITYS - Highly reliable protection for IT and critical industrial applications

Online double conversion technology, wide battery configurability and advanced communication: ITYS from 1 to 10 kVA ensures high availability, operational efficiency and total electrical protection for your business against any electrical disturbance and fault.

GREEN POWER 2.0 GREEN POWER 2.0 - High availability and power quality solution for business continuity

Green Power 2.0 UPS range combines unbeatable energy efficiency with unity power factor to give you the ultimate critical power solution for data centre availability. It protects your business ensuring total load protection and let your IT infrastructure grows without affecting availability and with no risk of downtime. And with our range of STS, energy storage and monitoring solutions, you have all the means to prevent faults, supervise your network, lower costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

DIRIS A80 DIRIS A80 - Monitoring and measurement device for electrical installations

The DIRIS A80 is a complete monitoring and measurement device for electrical installations. In addition to the energy monitoring function, the detection and storing of harmful events for the installation available on the DIRIS A60, the DIRIS A80 ensures the monitoring of differential or RCM currents (Residual Current Monitoring) with TN-S and TT neutral systems.